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Rabbit Care 24-HourRoadside Assistance Service

In addition to our innovative comparison platform for insurance and financial products, Rabbit Care provides each customer with emergency roadside service available 24/7, 365 days across 76 provinces in Thailand. Find yourself in the middle of a vehicle breakdown? Contact our emergency Call Center at 1438 to receive immediate assistance.

No matter what situation happens, please do not worry. Because Rabbit Care Broker gives you comprehensive support and complete care for your car.

Remark - If your insurer isn't on the list, please read the terms and conditions below to get 24-hour roadside assistance service.

Service Details

  1. 24-hour technical consulting services, such as car engine problems, and providing technicians to help at the scene of a vehicle breakdown.
  2. Tyre replacement service (1 time per year), in the event that the tyre is damaged and immobilized.
  3. Falt battery assistance (1 time per year), in the event that the vehicle has flat battery and is unable to drive.
  4. Free towing service (1 time per year) up to a distance of 25km. The cost of additional distance will be charged at 30 THB per km.
  5. Free emergency fuel refill assistance for 10 liters (1 time per year), in the event that your vehicle is immobilized due to completely run out of fuel. If 10 liters of fuel cannot reach the nearest petrol station, the additional cost of fuel refill shall be your responsibility.
  6. Automotive locksmith service for locking out and/or loss of key (1 time per year). Our assistance will collect your spare key within 20 km distance, the cost of additional distance will be charged at 25 Baht per km. In the event that there is no spare key, we will coordinate the locksmith, but the cost shall be your responsibility.
  7. Emergency transportation of injured persons to nearest hospitals, up to 7 people (limited to only a car accident in Thailand).
  8. The provision of this emergency assistance service is only for the vehicle breakdown, not a cause by an accident.

Terms of Service

  1. The Roadside Assistance Service is limited to vehicle age maximum to 15 years.
  2. The Roadside Assistance Service is provided only for 4-wheel vehicles (sedan, pickup and van).
  3. The vehicles must have a proper license to use the service.
  4. The service does not include accidents and natural disasters.
  5. The Roadside Assistance Service is limited only to the incident on public road, highway road and parking road. However, this service does not include logging service on the road, the beach, the barriers, the construction site of race track or the restricted areas.
  6. The service is available for immobile vehicles only. A cost of any spare part is not included.
  7. The service is available in all cases, except in bad weather conditions or road conditions.
  8. The service does not cover the cost of more than two persons or two vehicles.
  9. Towing services are limited to the immobilized vehicle with safety.
  10. Towing service can be requested as often as necessary. You will be charged in a special rate based on emergency assistance programs throughout Thailand.
  11. The additional cost of towing service for modified car and/or special towing equipment shall be your responsibility.
  12. Ferry fare or toll fee for the vehicle shall be your responsibility.
  13. The company shall not be liable for any expenses incurred from damage to goods or commercial goods on vehicles. The customer must transfer from the vehicle before receiving the service.
  14. The company shall not be liable for any charges or expenses incurred while the towing vehicle carry overweigh of the design capacity of manufacturer or caused from the use of a vehicle in an automobile race or any type of racing.