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Car Insurance type 2+

Why should you buy car insurance with Rabbit Care?

easy payment

0% installment for 10 months

Convenient payment channels with installment options.

Best price guaranteed

Best price guaranteed

We will match your price in case you find a cheaper quote elsewhere.

70% Max Discount

Save up to 70% on your premium

Up to 50% for no claim bonus. Up to 20% for naming a driver.

Call center 24 hr

Free roadside assistance

Helping hand in case of road emergency.

Car replacement service

Car replacement service

We provide a rental car for 3 days free of charge in case of accident.

Consult all Process

Emergency & claim service

Coordinate claims with insurers via our LINE Official Account.

Compensation for travel expenses

Send driver home service

Commuting compensation of max. 1,500 THB per time during repair.

service all location

Nationwide garages

You can choose from a variety of nationwide garages.

Starting price of car insurance plans from more than 30 trusted partners

Viriyah insurance

Viriyah Insurance

Starts from 7,500 THB

Bangkok insurance

Bangkok Insurance

Starts from 6,600 THB

Tokiomarine insurance

Tokio Marine Safety Insurance

Starts from 6,200 THB

Thanachart insurance

Thanachart Insurance

Starts from 6,500 THB

LMG insurance

LMG Insurance

Starts from 7,300 THB

AXA insurance


Starts from 6,101 THB

Ordering processes

Step 1 : Compare quotes

Compare quotes from 30 insurers. Choose the most suitable product for you.

Step 2 : Pay and submit documents

Make your first installment payment. Submit required documents.

Step 3 : Get insured

We submit your case to the insurer. After acceptance, you're covered.

Types of Car Insurance

Type 1

The most comprehensive coverage. Type 1 policies cover yourself, your car and third parties.

Type 2+ / 3+

The budget coverage. Type 2+ / 3+ policies cover your car only if another party is involved.

Type 2 / 3

The minimum coverage. Type 2 / 3 policies do not cover damage to your car from collision.


The coverage required by law. Compulsory policy covers third party only.

Our most frequently asked questions

What is car insurance class 2+

Car insurance class 2+ is a type of voluntary car insurance which offers you different coverage from class 1. The only difference is that this type of insurance does not cover the damage to cars. However, it is still beneficial, especially for ones who are experienced in driving for 2-3 years, as the premiums of car insurance class 2+ are cheaper than the premiums of the class 1. That means you can pay less for the premiums, effectively saving your money. Rabbit Care recommends the class 2+ plans to those who are experienced in driving. If you are interested in, Rabbit Care provides comparison service for you, leading you to the whole another level of buying online insurance.

What does car insurance class 2+ cover?

Car insurance Type 2+ is the more affordable car insurance when compared to Type 1, but the insurance coverage is slightly different. Car insurance class 2+ will provide coverage for damages to the insured vehicle when there is another identified vehicle involved in the accident, no matter who is at fault. Also, when the driver is at fault, type 2+ policy covers liability for third party property damages and liability for third party bodily injuries and loss of life. The coverage also includes medical expenses for the driver and passengers of the vehicle and the damages from theft, fire and flood.

What is not covered under car insurance class 2+?

Although car insurance class 2+ is an affordable car insurance option, while still offering good coverage, it is important to note that a car insurance class 2+ policy does not cover damages that occurred without a third party and windscreen damages. So, if your car is damaged but you cannot identify a third party, you will not be able to make a claim for the damage. Also, all types of car insurance in Thailand will not provide coverage if the damages occurred outside of Thailand, are caused by racing or towing another vehicle, or the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

What is the difference between car insurance class 1 and car insurance class 2+?

The main difference between car insurance class 1 and class 2+ is the coverage for damages without a third party and windshield damages. If you accidentally hit the curbside of the road and damage your car, car insurance class 1 will cover the repair expenses, while insurance class 2+ will not. Also, if a rock hit your windshield while driving, you cannot claim the damage with a car insurance type 2+ policy. However, if you are looking for a more affordable car insurance in Thailand, car insurance type 2+ is a great option since it still offers good coverage for half the price of type 1.

Is car insurance class 2+ better than the class 2 one?

Technically, yes. Car insurance class 2+ offers coverage of the damage of both your car and other cars, whereas class 2 offers coverage of the damage of other cars, your car excluded. So, it can be said that the class 2+ insurance is better than the class 2. Nevertheless, you can use our comparison service to compare various types of car insurance in Thailand, leading you to the type of car insurance you prefer. Also, with our Care Center 1438, you could also contact our staff and agents in case you want further information. 

Who is suitable for car insurance class 2+?

As car insurance class 2+ covers you less than class 1 does, this type of insurance is suitable for ones who sometimes do not drive their car, ones who are experienced in driving, or ones who want good coverage with reasonable price. Even though this type of insurance does not provide coverage for the damage of other cars, it still covers as type 1 or class 1 car insurance does, at a cheaper price. So, experienced drivers and ones who drive their car only a few times are suitable for this type of insurance. If you are unsure whether you buy class 1 or class 2+ insurance, Rabbit Care comparison service is available for you to get the best car insurance you prefer.

What kind of car is suitable for car insurance class 2+?

Not all cars are eligible for car insurance class 1 because some insurance providers might refuse to offer class 1 insurance to cars older than 5 years or second hand cars and the premium tends to cost more than average, if they offer one. So, if you want to find affordable car insurance for a car that is older than 5 years old or a second hand car, class 2+ insurance is a better choice to save cost while still getting great coverage.

How much does car insurance class 2+ cost?

The price of car insurance class 2+ starts at around 6,900 baht but the actual cost will depend on various factors such as; 

  • The sum insured (More expensive cars will have higher premiums.)
  • The amount of coverage for damages and liability
  • The age and the experience of the driver
  • The driver’s claim record
  • Other applicable discounts


Compared to car insurance class 1 which starts around 14,000 baht, class 2+ is the more affordable car insurance that still offers great coverage. Therefore, you can save money on car insurance with car insurance class 2+.

Are there any discounts for car insurance class 2+?

Absolutely yes! Apart from car insurance class 1 or other types of car insurance in Thailand, discounts for car insurance class 2+ are also available for certain requirements such as specifying the driver of the car, no claim bonus, discount from car camera, and buying car insurance class 2+ for your cars. To get a discount, specifying who the driver is will get you for up to a 20 percent discount for class 2+. Also, no claim bonus (NCB) can be received for up to 50 percent discount if you renew the insurance continuously. Moreover, if your car camera is installed, a 5 percent discount will be received. And if you buy car insurance class 2+ for the minimum of 3 cars, exclusive discounts will be given to you. But most importantly, Rabbit Care offers you “Complete Care”, making your life convenient as much as possible. If you have any questions, our Care Center 1438, Rabbit Care LINE Official Account, and the chat system on our website are available for you.

Where can I find the most affordable car insurance for car insurance class 2+?

At Rabbit Care, you can find affordable car insurance policies for all insurance types by using our innovative and user-friendly insurance comparison tool to find the best policy for you at the best price. We also aim to provide you with the best experience by offering many exclusive services such as Claim Coordination Service, Roadside Assistance Service, and Car Replacement Service.

Where should I buy a car insurance class 2+ policy from?

Buying car insurance in Thailand can be a stressful experience, from doing research on many insurance companies, finding the right coverage, comparing prices, to receiving the policy. Rabbit Care can help smoothen the process with our easy-to-use car insurance comparison tool that gathers affordable car insurance policies from various trusted insurance companies and picks the policy that suits your requirements the most for you. In fact, our process is so fast and easy that you can purchase the best car insurance for you in less than 30 seconds!

Why should I buy car insurance class 2+ with Rabbit Care?

At Rabbit Care, we care about you and want to provide you with the best experience possible, from partnering with more than 30 reputable insurance companies, developing an intelligent insurance comparison tool, to providing excellent customer service. Furthermore, you will receive exclusive services that you can’t find anywhere else, including Claim Coordination Service, Emergency Coordination Service, Roadside Assistance Service, Car Replacement Service.

If you are looking for affordable car insurance in Thailand, please contact our Care Center at 1438, where our Care Agents will be happy to guide you through the process and give helpful advice or you can use our car insurance comparison tool to find the best car insurance policy for you and purchase it right away.

Does car insurance class 2+ provide exclusive service like car insurance class 1 does?

Yes, of course! Rabbit Care offers you more than our partners from leading insurance companies do. Also, our exclusive services such as insurance claim coordination, emergency coordination, emergency roadside assistance, and car replacement, are also available for those who buy car insurance class 2+ via Rabbit Care. These services will be very useful when you have a car accident. With the claim coordination, you can quickly make a claim for your car even in an accident. With the emergency coordination, you can contact emergency services to help everyone met with the accident, as well as emergency roadside assistance, in which you can call our agents to help you as quickly as possible. Or even with our car replacement service, you can use our rental car in case your car is in repair. With these exclusive services, it is best that you buy insurance with Rabbit Care. For more information about our “Complete Care”, our Care Center 1438 is available for you 24 hours. You can also contact us via Rabbit Care LINE Official Account, or our chat system on our website.

What are the payment options for car insurance type 2+ premium?

We take your convenience as our main priority at Rabbit Care. This is why we provide a variety of payment options for your car insurance premium, such as cash, credit cards, debit cards and QR payment to ensure the best experience possible.

Can I pay for my car insurance type 2+ premium in installments?

At Rabbit Care, we provide payment plans for all insurance types. You can choose to pay for your policy in 3, 6, or 10 installments with 0% interest. However, to qualify for installment payment, the monthly payment must exceed 5,000 baht.