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AXA Roadside Assistance Service

Service Details

24-hour emergency roadside assistance service available anywhere.

  1. Towing services will be provided to the nearest repair shop, in case that the vehicle cannot be fixed at the breakdown location.
    • Type 1 Insurance : Free first 100 Km
    • Other type : Free first 50 Km
  2. Emergency fuel delivery service provided for vehicles that has ran out of gas (Amount of fuel delivered will help the vehicle reach the nearest gas station).
    • Type 1 Insurance : Up to 20 Litres per year
    • Other type : Up to 10 Litres per year
  3. Emergency repair service at the breakdown location (limited to 1,500 Baht per incident, unlimited incidents per year)
  4. Automotive locksmith service for lock-out and/or lost of key (limited to 1,500 Baht per incident, max twice a year)
  5. An option of replacement car rental, transportation or accommodation in cases where vehicle repair takes more than 24 hours and the breakdown location is more than 100 km away from the insured permanent residence (limited to 4,000 Baht per incident, max twice a year). You can choose one of the following options:
    • One-way domestic plane ticket (2 seats) or
    • One-way domestic train ticket or public transportation (2 seats) or
    • Replacement car rental (limited to 2,000 Baht per day, max 2 days) or
    • Accommodation (limited to 2,000 Baht per night, max 2 nights)

Terms and Conditions

  1. AXA Roadside Service is provided for breakdown incidents not caused by accidents.
  2. The Roadside Service is provided only for 4-wheel vehicles (sedan, pickup and van).
  3. “Vehicle” stated in this document shall mean any vehicle that is insured with the company.
  4. Spare parts replacement costs that exceeds the amount stated in the above table shall be the responsibility of the Insured Person.
  5. The Company recognizes the customer's address as indicated in the insurance policy as the customer's permanent address unless the customer notifies prior to the emergency incident.
  6. Customers can only use Roadside Service in Thailand.
  7. **For point 5, base on repair assessment by AXA Roadside Service repairer.
  8. Conditions of Roadside Service are complied with AXA’s terms and conditions.
  9. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
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