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Pay 0% Installment Payment for 10 months

Stop worrying about your financial liquidity with Rabbit Care's special motor insurance option, which gives you a 0% installment fee for up to 10 months. Installment payment is available for all types of insurance plans and can be paid either by credit, card, or cash. To make the process of tracking and controlling your finances easier, your coverage starts when you make your first installment payment.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The company has the right and absolute discretion to consider approving or rejecting 0% motor insurance installments.

  2. Available installment plans are as follows:

  • 0% installment, 3 months for all types of motor insurance with insurance premium from 5,000 baht and above (including Compulsory Motor Insurance)
  • 0% installment, 6 months for all types of motor insurance with insurance premium from 10,000 baht and above (including Compulsory Motor Insurance)
  • 0% installment, 10 months for all types of motor insurance with insurance premium from 20,000 baht and above (including Compulsory Motor Insurance)

Policy Delivery and Claims

  1. You will receive a temporary policy as a confirming document for the coverage after the insurer accepts the case.

  2. You will receive the policy after paying the full amount of premium. The policy will be delivered to the address stated in the policy.

  3. You can report a claim with a temporary policy. But you shall pay all outstanding premiums if you want to make a claim under the insurance coverage, such as bringing your car in for a repair. Because the original policy is needed as evidence to claim the coverage.

Payment Terms

  1. The company will charge insurance premiums at the same rate every installment until the total amount of premium is reached for 3, 6, and 10 months installment. (If the insurance premium has more than 2 decimal, the company reserves the right to round up to 2 decimal.)

  2. You shall pay every installment of insurance premiums via credit or debit card. For the cash installment, payments can be made only with an approval by the company case by case.

  3. The company will send your information to the insurer after the first installment payment with the required application documents for the 0% car insurance premium payment program.

  4. You shall pay insurance premiums every installment on the specified date. If any month does not have a specified premium payment date, the last day of the month shall be deemed as the due date.

  5. The company will send an email or SMS notification of the insurance premiums payment every time before the company will deduct money via credit card or debit card. However, you shall provide a sufficient credit limit on the credit card or sufficient balance on debit card for the installment

  6. You are able to make a full payment by notifying us and pay all outstanding balance within the time specified by Rabbit Care.

Discontinued Payment and Cancellation

  1. The company will notify by phone, by email, or by SMS In case that you default on the payment of any insurance premiums.

  2. The company will follow up on a daily basis for 7 consecutive days in case that you default on payment of insurance premiums and you shall be responsible for the expense of debt collection at the 200 baht per time until 7 days or until the company has received the premium payment in that installment in full. We will charge the fee together with the insurance premium that must be paid in the next period.

  3. You acknowledge and agree to allow the company to cancel the insurance policy if you are unable to pay the insurance premium according to the conditions specified in this document.

  4. When the policy is canceled, the coverage will be suspended immediately and the company shall be discharged from contract liability and/or any liability for any subsequent damage in all respects. You will get the insurance premium back according to the premium refund rate as stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission. The company will deduct the cost of operation in the amount of 1,500 baht. The company reserves the right not to return the paid premiums in case that the paid insurance premium is less than the amount you shall return.

  5. You are allow to cancel the insurance policy at any time by notifying us in writing. We will refund the amount in accordance with the refund criteria under clause 4.