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Claim and Emergency Coordination

Got in an accident? Don't worry. Rabbit Care will help support you by coordinating with your insurer to provide you with a complete emergency claim. Customers of car insurance in any plan are eligible to use the emergency claim service. Rest assured and know that Rabbit Care will always be available when you need us.

Rabbit Care is more than an insurance broker. We assure to provide both support and solutions making every road incident less stressful and less time-consuming.

How to Make an Emergency Claim

Rabbit Care provides you two easy ways to contact us and request an emergency claim by these following steps.

Via Line Official Account

  1. Contact Rabbit Care through Line Official Account: @Rabbitcare, and request an emergency claim by opening the rich menu in the chat screen.
  2. Tap the "Emergency Claim" button.
  3. There will be two options appeared on the screen, which are:
  • "Contact the Insurer" When selecting this option, the phone number of the insurer will be appeared on the screen. You can simply tap on your insurer's phone number to make a call.
  • "Let us contact your Insurer", Rabbit Care agent will ask you for details and coordinate with the insurer. The details are such as your first name and surname, your current location, your contact number, and your vehicle registration number)
  1. The insurer agent will process the claim for you.

Via Care Center

  1. Contact Care Center, at 1438.
  2. Press '0' for requesting Care Emergency Service.
  3. Rabbit Care agent will ask you for your information such as your current location, your contact number, your vehicle registration number, and the information of your insurer.
  4. The insurer agent will make the claim for you. Should there be any difficulties with your claim, you can contact Rabbit Care and our agent will help you coordinate with your claim.

What should I do if a road accident occurs?

  1. If someone is injured, immidiately call an ambulance or rescue service. If you don't know how to contact, you can reach our Care Center at 1438. We can help you coordinate with emergency assistance.
  2. Contact us via Line Official Account: @RabbitCare, or Care Center 1438. We will help you coordinate with the claim. Our agent will ask you for more information.
  3. Stay at the scene until help arrives or follow the insurance agent's advice.
  4. Do not move your car except the police officers have taken an action or have evidence for the party which is found at fault. If you have moved the car, you should inform the insurer immediately.
  5. You should not agree to any compensation from anyone. It would be better to wait for the insurance agent to take action at the scene.