Rabbit Care Celebrates More Than 137% Premium Growth in Insurance Portfolio Following Successful Rebranding

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Published: October 25,2023

The company marks its achievements with the “CAREniversary” campaign, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Thailand, by sending out limited edition scented sheets of care to celebrate.

Bangkok, October 25, 2023 – Rabbit Care Company Limited, Thailand’s leading online insurance (InsurTech) and financial product comparison platform (FinTech), operating under BTS, is thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement – a substantial 137% increase in total insurance premiums across all product categories. This exceptional growth, underscored by a particularly significant surge in motor insurance, can be attributed to our strategic rebranding efforts.

To celebrate this milestone, Rabbit Care is launching the “Rabbit Care 2nd CAREniversary” campaign, offering a unique gift of air freshener sheets called “Caring Scent.” This exclusive scent, introduced for the first time in Thailand, is available with a promotional discount for both new and renewing motor insurance customers.

Chayapat Sakulrompochai, Chief Commercial Officer, Rabbit Care Company Limited, stated, “Our rebranding has played a pivotal role in establishing Rabbit Care as the dominant online insurance and financial product comparison platform in Thailand, operating under the guiding principle of ‘Complete Care.’ Over the past two years, we have been dedicated to enhancing the customer experience through investments in our proprietary online platform and services. We have also launched marketing campaigns designed to cater to both existing and new customers, which has significantly contributed to the substantial increase in customer trust and loyalty.”

The robust performance is evident in the total premiums, which surged by over 137% following the 2021 rebrand, with motor insurance showing a notable increase.

The growth in performance can be partially attributed to shifts in consumer behavior, as indicated in data from Bain & Company and the Office of Insurance Commission, which highlight that consumers are increasingly choosing to purchase casualty insurance predominantly through insurance brokers. This trend has consistently grown over the past three years, with the percentage of sales conducted through brokers rising from 56% to 70% of the total non-life insurance premiums. Additionally, the data indicates that the trend of searching for and purchasing insurance products through online channels has surged by over 50%.

Currently, Rabbit Care maintains its commitment to enhancing customer services, offering a comprehensive care experience with its six super-care services. Among these services is CareOS 2.0, the latest version of the care operating system. CareOS 2.0 enables customers to conveniently compare and purchase products comprehensively, securely, and swiftly. It boasts features such as a data center and customer portal, empowering customers to monitor the status of their motor insurance policies, manage documents, and access support services, along with a host of other privileges.

Additionally, a range of other services to enhance customer experience include Care Emergency, which provides urgent assistance to motor insurance buyers, including claim coordination in case of a road accident, emergency service calls, and access to free towing service. With Health Caresultant, customers can benefit from healthcare consultations via video calls with a team of medical experts. Through Financial Caresultant, Rabbit Care provides a product comparison system for credit cards and personal loans. Care Center 1438 offers product consultation and a help desk that operates 24 hours a day, ensuring customers receive accurate information and timely support. For customers facing budget constraints, Rabbit Care’s Financial Aids brings care to customers by introducing Rabbit Care Lending, an installment program designed for those who may not have a lump sum of money available. This program enables customers to spread their insurance premiums over a period of up to 10 months. Since its launch in April, the service has gained the trust of more than 15,000 customers.

Chayapat added, “To celebrate two years of progress of the winning rebranding, the company has launched the ‘Rabbit Care 2nd CAREniversary’ campaign as a token of appreciation for our valued customers. As part of this, the company has unveiled ‘Caring Scent’ through air freshener sheets, a unique fragrance thoughtfully crafted by blending the soothing aroma of sandalwood with the sweet allure of vanilla. This aromatic creation symbolizes the company’s commitment to care for everyone, wherever and whenever they may be. During the approaching colder months, the company will present customers who purchase or renew their motor insurance with Rabbit Care with the ‘Caring Scent’ air freshener sheets, aiming to fill their experience with an extra touch of care. Additionally, a special benefit awaits new customers who purchase a policy and complete their payment via QR Code. They will get a generous discount of up to 12% and receive an e-voucher from Big C worth 300 baht* (Terms and Conditions apply).”

These campaign activities are set to run from today until October 31, 2023. If you are interested in learning more or want to access additional information, find all the details on the Rabbit Care website at rabbitcare.com.

Chayapat also unveiled the company’s roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2023, during which Rabbit Care is actively exploring new projects and forming partnerships across various Southeast Asian countries. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to providing seamless experiences and services, achieved through a combination of an online platform and an efficient care center system. The objective is to ensure that every Rabbit Care customer receives insurance and financial products tailored to their specific needs.



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