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CoverageSum Insured (Thai Baht)
Lite PlanDeluxe Plan 
1. Medical expenses from injury/sickness.



2. Death/total permanent disability from accident.



3. Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation to country of domicile.



4. Repatriation of mortal remains to country of domicile.



5. Hospital expenses including COVID hospitalization.



6. Loss/damage of travel documents.



7. Public liability (deductible 1,000 THB/claim)



Thailand Pass



Coverage period

Up to 1 Year

Up to 1 Year


BUY NOW FROM  3,499 ฿ / 105 $

BUY NOW FROM 4,499 ฿ / 125 $

Tune iPass “Worry free, Easy pass”

Thailand Pass approved

Meets the requirements set by the Thai authorities.

Online purchase

Pay conveniently with credit card or PromptPay.

COVID-19 coverage

Covers COVID-19 with symptoms.

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Receive E-policy coverage without waiting period.

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Step 1

Select preferred insurance plan, duration and coverage.

Step 2

Pay via credit card or PromptPay.

Step 3

Receive E-policy with Covid-19 coverage certificate via Email.

How long does it take to process the Thailand Pass?

The process of the Thailand Pass application takes 3 to 7 days. We recommend you apply at least 7 days before your intended departure.

Prepare as Requirement

  • Passport
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Covid-19 Health Insurance
  • SHA+ / AQ Hotel reservation

Register Thailand Pass

  • Register at https://tp.consular.go.th
  • Fill in your information

Approval Process

  • After approval, you will receive the email containing Thailand Pass ID (QR code)

Get Verified

  • Arrival and show the QR code
  • Welcome to Thailand! You can travel here as you wish.

Insurance underwriting conditions

  1. Covers for medical expenses due to coronavirus diseases 2019 (Covid-19).
  2. The insured must be between 1-75 years old.
  3. The insured can buy a maximum of 1 insurance policy.
  4. The insured must be in good health. There is no part of the disability before the date of applying for insurance.
  5. The Company reserves the right not to accept insurance for the insured traveling to or through the provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat.
  6. Terms and conditions of underwriting as designated by company.

Our most frequently asked questions

What is Thailand Pass?

Thailand Pass or Travel Pass Thailand  is a required authorization to enter Thailand, The Thai authorities will collect data required for entry including travel and health insurance information and vaccine certificates. All travelers must apply.

Who can apply for the Thailand Pass?

  • All travelers both Thai Nationals and Non-Thai Nationals.
  • All travelers entering through the three available schemes which are Quarantine scheme, Sandbox Program and Alternative Quarantine.
  • All travelers arriving in Thailand by air (passengers who plan to travel to Thailand by land and sea are not able to apply for the Thailand Pass at this time).
  • All travelers who have a vaccination certificate
    • For the Exemption from Quarantine scheme, all travelers aged 12 or over must have a vaccination certificate confirming that they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before their travel in order to be able to enter Thailand.
    • For the Sandbox Program, all travelers aged 18 or over must have a vaccination certificate confirming that they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before their travel in order to be able to enter Thailand.
  • All travelers must provide proof of Hotel Reservation confirmation in Thailand and pre-paid RT-PCR Covid-19 tests applicable to their selected entry scheme.
  • All travelers (except Thai nationals) must provide proof of an insurance coverage in Thailand with a minimum coverage of 20,000 USD for Covid-19 hospitalization.

How long does the Thailand Pass approval process take?

It is recommended to register for the “Thailand Pass” at least 7 business days prior to departure date.

Why should you buy travel insurance for Travel Pass Thailand ?

Covid-19 related health insurance is a requirement for Thailand Pass registration, and this travel insurance for Thailand Pass provides cost-effective coverage for traveling in Thailand. Tune iPass Insurance has the following features:

1. Provides coverage in the amount of up to 100,000 USD for Covid-19 treatment expenses, which meets the requirements set by the Thai government.
2. It provides many additional protections, including:
   - Coverage for treatment expenses from COVID-19 infection
   - Coverage for death and disability from accidents
   - Coverage for medical expenses in the event of illness or injury
   - Coverage for the cost of emergency medical evacuation back to the country of domicile
   - Repatriation of mortal remains to country of domicile
   - Coverage for lost travel documents
   - Public liability coverage
3. You can choose the Coverage duration suited to you
4. Affordable insurance premiums You can select from 2 insurance plans (Lite Plan, Deluxe Plan).
5. Easy to buy through Rabbit Care

How many days does travel insurance for Travel Pass Thailand provide protection?

Both Tune iPass plans, Lite Plan and Deluxe Plan, have a minimum total coverage of 30 days. Deluxe Plan provides up to one year of coverage. You can choose the travel date you want. The policy will cover you from the moment you enter Thailand until the date of your return to your home country. If unforeseen events occur during your stay in Thailand, you will receive treatment or compensation as stated in your policy.

What is the minimum age to purchase travel insurance for Thailand Pass?

The insured must be between 1-75 years of age. 

Why do you buy travel insurance for Thailand pass with Rabbit Care?

Purchasing Tune iPass through Rabbit Care provides you with certainty as we are a trusted, leading insurance brokerage company. Our professional multilingual staff are here to serve you. All personal information is secured and kept confidential in accordance with Thai laws. Purchasing insurance through Rabbit Care, gives you security and peace of mind.

Does travel insurance for Thailland pass cover for covid-19?

Yes, travel insurance for Thailand Pass will cover your medical expenses if you are infected with COVID-19 during your stay in Thailand and require treatment. Tune travel insurance will provide a maximum medical expense limit of 3,500,000 baht

How much is travel insurance for Thailand Pass?

Rabbit Care offers Tune travel insurance certified by Certificate of Entry (COE). There are two plans for this travel insurance:

Lite Plan with a price of 2,276 baht, providing  maximum coverage 1,800,000 baht
Deluxe Plan with a price of 3,090 baht, providing  maximum coverage 3,500,000 baht.


Both insurance plans offer high coverage but low premiums. If you buy Tune travel insurance, you will meet the health insurance requirements able to apply for a Thailand Pass.

How to buy Travel insurance for Thailand Pass?

You can easily purchase travel insurance required for travel pass Thailand through the Rabbit Care website. You will receive an online policy via email to submit with your application for Thailand Pass. You can easily purchase a policy using a credit card.

Can I change the dates of the policy for Thailand travel pass once I purchased them?

Yes you can, we provide this with free of charge, please let us know 3-4 days in advance and we will be able to change them for you. We are happy to make your Thailand travel pass approval go smoothly.

Can I extend my policy for Thailand travel pass?

Yes you can, you can buy travel insurance for Thailand travel pass directly on our site again to extend for your policy.

What if I tested positive for Covid-19 during the ASQ period or the quarantine period, do I need to pay first?

No you don't need to pay first, Tune Protect will provide medical treatment without any advance payment from your side.

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