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Covid coverage
 - Pay upon diagnosis--
 - Medical Treatment (IPD)5,00010,000
 - Medical Treatment in Coma100,000200,000
 - Income compensation--
Vaccination coverage
 - Income compensation (IPD)500/day1,000/day
 - Income compensation (Coma)1,000/day2,000/day
 - Medical Treatment (IPD)15,00030,000
 - Medical Treatment in Coma100,000200,000
Personal accident
 - Life coverage on accidental death50,000100,000

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Does this policy cover medical staff and airport staff ?

Yes, this policy will protect you even if you are a medical student, a nurse or and a hospital staff member. This policy will cover your stay in Thailand.

Does this policy cover expat in Thailand?

Yes, this policy will cover while staying in Thailand.

Our most frequently asked questions

How is the Covid situation in Thailand? Should I buy expat Covid insurance?

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak in Thailand, Thai law requires all travelers coming to Thailand to have Covid Insurance in Thailand that covers an amount of 50,000 USD (1.6 million THB). The insurance will provide travelers with medical expenses if they get sick from COVID-19 virus. In addition, the policy will also provide other coverage when being in Thailand. 


The Advantages of expat Covid insurance Thailand

When you come to Thailand for tourism or work. If you have COVID-19 insurance, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Your journey will be legal, and your trip will be more comfortable. If you get sick or have any unfortunate circumstances, you can call emergency assistance.
  • If you get sick from COVID-19, there will be a medical fee. Due to the current covid situation in Thailand, there are many infected people per day, even if you have been vaccinated, you can be infected and sick because of COVID-19.
  • Get other coverage while in Thailand such as normal illness, accident, lost luggage or documents, flight delay.
  • The insurance has high coverage beginning at 50,000 USD for Covid-19 medical expenses that meet the required Certificate of Entry (COE).
  • You can get insurance immediately, no waiting period. You can buy insurance plans today and pack your luggage to Thailand as soon as possible.
  • Coverage begins immediately at immigration. When you are in Thailand, you will be covered until going back to your country.
  • Immediate medical expenses, if you are infected with coronavirus during quarantined for 14 days.
  • Easy to apply via an online system. Get the policy immediately.

What are the coverage of COVID insurance plans in Thailand?

If you are planning to travel to Thailand, we recommend purchasing COVID-19 insurance to allow you to travel legally and get the following coverages: 

  1. Coverage in case of death, dismemberment, or total permanent disability from accidents
  2. Medical expenses for Covid-19, common illness and accident
  3. Emergency medical evacuation, back to your country
  4. Repatriation of the body to your country
  5. Provide compensation if the trip is cancelled
  6. Flight or luggage delay
  7. Lost luggage, passport, credit card, important document

If you buy Covid insurance for Thailand, you will get the same coverage as health insurance. Don't let your important travel be cancelled. Buy Covid insurance for Thailand with Rabbit Care now to receive coverage throughout your trip.

What is the different between COVID insurance and Health insurance?

Health insurance covers common illnesses. However, covid insurance will only cover illnesses caused by the coronavirus but will provide more treatment or compensation than health insurance.

Where to buy expat COVID-19 insurance?

We recommend you purchase COVID-19 insurance with Rabbit Care. We have many insurance plans from leading insurance companies. You can compare insurance, plans and buy easily, quickly, conveniently, and also make a payment in multiple methods. After the payment is complete, the policy will be sent to you.

How much does COVID-19 insurance plan cost?

COVID-19 insurance is cheaper than health insurance but offers more medical expenses. You can check your COVID insurance premiums with Rabbit Care. If you want to ask for more information, you can contact the Care Center 1438, 24/7.

How do I renew my COVID-19 insurance?

COVID-19 insurance will provide coverage for 1 year. If your insurance is going to expire, contact your insurance company to renew it, because you will be covered continuously. If you are unsure about the plan to extend, try to contact Rabbit Care and we will give you a recommendation.

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